Customer Loyalty: The Heart of Our Business

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At the heart of our business model, the most important component is the loyalty of our customers. Sometimes they decide to share their stories with us. And we would like to share some of those stories with you! If you have a personal story about El Tepeyac please let us know.

This next story is about a regular customer, his family, and Mexican food.

A regular customer of El Tepeyac, we’ll call him Ruben to respect his privacy, came in one day last year and asked if he could pull a few tables together in the dining room as his family and friends would be coming in. Ruben was a morning staple at the restaurant who could be found sitting on a stool at the counter most days. We were glad to accommodate him and his family. As more and more people kept showing up Ruben’s wife suggested that they move out to the patio so that they didn’t crowd the dining room. Elena responded that they were welcome to stay in the dining room and to not worry about it. As it turned out, Ruben had recently gone to the doctor and had been given 2 weeks to live. Ruben had brought his family together at El Tepeyac for what would be one of his last meals. It was a bittersweet lunch for all, including us.

We love all of our customers. And the regulars who we see almost daily become part of our family. We miss Ruben around the restaurant and hope that he looks down on us with as much love as we still have for him.


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