A Walk Down Memory Lane……

We took a walk down memory lane and found these old newspaper articles, some at least 50 years old! We wanted to share these with all of our familia and friends that know us and knew Manuel. Some of the newspaper articles were about the amazingly good food here at El Tepeyac Cafe and some showcased how much of a big and genuine heart Manuel had with the whole community of Boyle Heights. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!  So, here they are and we hope you enjoy them!                   
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Host Your Holiday Party at El Tepeyac Cafe!

The Holiday Season is Upon Us Again… We are getting ready to have our annual El Tepeyac Christmas party, where our friends and family come to our cozy restaurant and help us celebrate one more year together. We usually have around 60 to 80 guests and we’ve found that many of our customers like using our outdoor patio area for their own celebrations too. We set up Christmas lights, decorate the hallway and bring in the heating lamps to get the mood just right. Then, we break out with all of the all nice stuff; candles, table clothes, Christmas decorations along with little
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Customer Loyalty: The Heart of Our Business

At the heart of our business model, the most important component is the loyalty of our customers. Sometimes they decide to share their stories with us. And we would like to share some of those stories with you! If you have a personal story about El Tepeyac please let us know. This next story is about a regular customer, his family, and Mexican food. A regular customer of El Tepeyac, we’ll call him Ruben to respect his privacy, came in one day last year and asked if he could pull a few tables together in the dining room as his family and friends would be coming in. Ruben was a
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El Tepeyac caters to our friends at Porto’s!

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Congratulations to our Friends at Porto’s Bakery for winning #1 restaurant nationwide on Yelp! They asked their employees what they wanted to eat and they answered El Tepeyac smile emoticon we were honored to cater to Porto’s and their hard working team. Felicidades!
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I have been going to Manuel’s for 52 years

“I have been going to Manuel‘s for 52 years. Have tried just about everything on the menu and nobody makes ‘huevos rancheros’ likeManuel‘s. Picture below is wife Dorothy, Manuel and daughter Laurianne.” -Andy Fierro
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El Tepeyac Hosts Katella High School Students

  “I think this trip will definitely become ‘legend,’ based on the kids responses so far! BTW, you have the most delightful, professional, people working for you. Please pass along my sincerest gratitude to them again for me if you would. And of course, it goes without saying many, many thanks to Elena for having us. You already know my gratitude towards you!!! We are all very excited about seeing you guys again next year! Take care.” -John Instructor at Katella High School  
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